Our Venue


For those who haven’t been so lucky to come to Rømø – Sønderstrand before :

It’s Denmarks biggest beach. It’s the biggest beach in the northern hemisphere. For us it is simply our blokart heaven. The 3 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide Rømø – Sønderstrand is a place, which blokart-drivers must experience once in a lifetime. Or twice. Or as a matter of fact: as often as you can. Hoist your sails, look at the horizon, smell the breeze of the northern sea and accelerate.

Independent of tides and wind directions Rømø -Sønderstrand offers a stunning place for blokart racing. Our experience of the Blokart Europeans 2009 at Rømø alongside with many motivated members of our club – the Dansk Blokart Forening – will assure many perfect races amongst your friends from all-over Europe. Are you ready for some outstanding days of competition at one of the finest blokart-places? You’re welcome.


Denmark has more than 5.500 wind turbines. In 2013 wind turbines accounted for over 33% of domestic electricity supply.

In other words: there is a lot of wind in Denmark.  Statistics say there is an average of 59% chance of 4 Bft or more in May. An average of 12 knots is recorded in Havneby.